Are Green Coffee Beans Better for Weight Loss than African Mango?

Probably the biggest buzz surrounding the weight loss industry over recent months has been that of green coffee bean extract. At one point, it was in the top search trends for both search giants Google and Yahoo. Most people who have only recently heard about it are on a rampant search to find more information about this supplement being touted as the miracle weight loss pill we’ve been waiting for. Just like African Mango caused an enormous stir, so is green coffee beans. But just what are they and how can they help you lose weight? But more importantly, can it compare to NewLiveBotanical Garcinia Cambogia and African Mango?

Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not gone through any type of roasting process. These beans are normally come from South America and Latin. The climate in these areas is splendid for growing the perfect coffee beans. But instead of being roasted and sent to consumers for brewing their morning cup of coffee, they’re being used in their pure form to create this extract for supplements.

The Study Igniting the Green Coffee Frenzy

There’s one particular study that was mentioned by as the starting point for all the attention that green coffee’s been getting. The results were publicly shared at the largest conference of its kind: The American Chemicals Society. The University of Scranton and scientist/chemist Joe Vinson in particular, worked the study that involved 16 overweight participants.

Each participant received a low dose of green coffee extract, a high dose and a placebo. They were given them in different time intervals throughout the study, which provided a way to complete a self-controlled study.

Participants were primarily pretty overweight and not leading a very healthy lifestyle. They were eating on average a 2,400 calorie/day diet and only burning a mere 400 calories or so per day. They were instructed not to change any of their habits. Their calorie intake, exercise and lifestyle were monitored throughout the study.

Surprisingly, the results were positive. Participants lost about 10 percent of their body weight, which equaled around 17 pounds. They also lost 16 percent of their body fat. So the weight loss was not water weight or anything – a lot of it was the melting away of pure body fat. During times when they were taking a placebo, there wasn’t much improvement in their weight. It was when they were taking the supplement, and when they were taking the higher dose, the weight loss was even greater.

Something equally impressive to note is that apparently there were no green coffee bean side effects reported from the study (or previous studies in Japan).

What Causes Weight Loss with Green Coffee Beans?

Joe Vinson, professor and chemist at the University of Scranton, conducted the study. He contributes the weight loss to what’s called chlorogeneic acid. This is a substance that’s naturally found in coffee beans when they’re still in their pure state – before they ever go through any roasting process.

Chlorogenic acid produces weight loss in two ways. First of all, it tells your body to start turning fat into energy, thus you start melting away current body fat. Secondly, it reduces the amount of glucose your body absorbs, so your liver doesn’t absorb fat anymore… which means you’re preventing your body from building up any more new fat storages.

How Green Coffee and African Mango Differ

African Mango helps with weight loss because of the protein found in it: Leptin. It helps reduce your appetite. Green coffee bean extract melts body fat and prevents new body fat from forming. Naturally, we can definitely see a new supplement in the future that may contain both of them. Imagine what the combination could do! Until then, what do you need? Do you need to stop eating so much or do you simply need help burning away body fat?